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Thursday, July 8, 2010
All I Have Is My Word & My Basketballs....

Well, now we know who lives up to their word and who doesn't, Mr. Rudy Gay! Well, David Lee who visited the Twin Cities and has a meeting with the Timberwolves while attending the Twins-Rays game! Apparently, he had a "Great visit," Lee said. This looks pretty good now since all the talks of Al Jefferson being traded, although, Big Al had something Lee doesn't – multiple positions! If Lee comes to Minnesota, that will probably cause a riff between him and Kevin Love, who look like he won the right to be the starting power forward and it doesn't look like that after all. Now, there are rumbles about a Big Al-David Lee trade but it doesn't look like that going to happen since the Knicks would have to be forfeiting money to sign a guy like LeBron. So is Lee worth it for Minnesota to sign? He's been a double-double machine in New York but the knock is on him that he benefited from the D'Antoni system in New York. The up-tempo style created lots of shots that he either put in or rebounded. I'm not sure if Minnesota could provide that for him and it'll show his true skills!

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