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Thursday, July 8, 2010
And My Wolfpack Grew by Four.....

I know I am about two weeks late on analyzing the draft and many of you are worrying about bigger things in the NBA now, i.e. the LeBron Hunt! Still, I had to get things off my chest about the draft that Mr. Kahn conjured up. Here we go!

#4. Wesley Johnson, SF Syracuse
#16. Luke Babbitt, SF Nevada (from Charlotte via Denver, traded to Portland)
#23. Trevor Booker, PF Clemson (from Utah via Philadelphia, traded to Washington)
#30 Lazar Hayward, SF Marquette (from Cleveland, traded from Washington)
#35 Nemanja Bjelica, SF Red Star Belgrade: Serbia (traded from Washington)
#45 Paulão Prestes, PF/C CB Murcia: Spain (from Houston)
#56 Hamady N'Diaye, C Rutgers (from Phoenix, traded to Washington)

Coming in to the draft, most people knew there would be four potential superstars – John Wall, Evan Turner, Derrick Favors, and DeMarcus Cousins. Now those first three names were taken respectively in a row, leaving DeMarcus Cousins still on the table. We knew his discipline issues he had in high school and at Kentucky but should that have been the reason we didn't take him ahead of Wes Johnson, who many believe is only going to be a nice role player. Well, there was the fact that he didn't even perform for us during the scouting workouts seemingly meaning he didn't want to play for Minnesota. Also, he will look like a dominate force next year since he'll get big time minutes and has an NBA body to go with it but many think his rookie season we be as high as he can get and is his ceiling. Emeka Okafor has been pretty much the same player his been since his rookie year with no progress but maybe he'll average a 20-10 game and if that's his ceiling, I'd be pretty happy with that! So for Minnesota to give up that seems a bit of a low point for us. Yes, Wesley will give up three point shooting and quick athletic plays but he'll be 23 in three more days! LeBron James is only 25, it seems by this point his game can't improve. If this is his ceiling and he wasn't even the best player in college, you can legitimately ask "is he going to be good in the NBA?" That's something we won't find out til' the start of the season!

Looking fly in that purple!

Also, I guess Kahn once again got a bit position happy again, this time with small forwards. Don't forget, we did trade Luke Babbitt for Martell Webster, also a wing. Was this a good move from Kahn, I don't think so! Last year when he drafted all those point guards, I thought he knew something others didn't. I thought it was something from his genius but now it seems he's kind of a foolish GM doing dumb decisions! So, even when we were looking at getting Rudy Gay in free agency, he went with getting more of the same players in his position – how is that enticing? Nevertheless, to all our new Timberwolves, I hope for the best and try for the never ending quest for that ring!

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