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Saturday, July 10, 2010
Buddy Love or Buddy Lee

An intense week that we've had so far in the NBA but you can count Minnesota as one of the losers in the process! The New York Knicks granted David Lee a sign-and-trade to the Golden State Warriors for the likes of defensive stopper, Ronny Turiaf, Kelenna Azubuike, and Anthony Randolph, who has been part of much trade talk for Al Jefferson during the trade deadline last season. David Lee got his extra year that he coveted so much for a deal worth six years, $80 million dollars!

That's guap baby!

The question for Wolves fans, would've he have even fit? Once, King James (Ex-Tyrant of Cleveland) found his way to the dream scenario Pat Riley had in Miami with Wade and Bosh, it was fairly easy to say he wasn't going to sign out right to Minnesota for less money. Minnesota also got a gift from the heavens above with the former number two pick in the 2008 draft, Michael Beasley who fell to our laps for a bag of chips and a diet coke! Kevin Love is who Kahn seem to like more than Big Al since he didn't fit well in Rambis' Triangle Offense! Would he have Kevin Love come off the bench again to keep Buddy Lee happy – Nah, I don't think Rambis or Kahn likes that idea! I think Buddy Love wins on that one!

The guy is 27 compared to Kevin's 21. That's a lot of room to grow if you didn't know. I do think Lee has kind of peaked as a player. From the stats at 82games.com, Lee and Love show very identical numbers per 48, when they contribute on the court and how it works out when they are off! Love averaged 11.0 boards while only playing 28.6 mpg and coming off the bench compared to Lee's 11.7 rpg in 37.3 mpg starting all 81 games he played. Lee's has a player rebounding rating of 33.0 to his teams 95.7, Love's has a 39.1 to his team's 105.5 and this is with Al Jefferson on the team too! Lee defense isn't better than Love's too, in 2855 defensive rebound chances, he got 720 in a 25.2%. In 1658 chances, Love had 432 giving him 26.1% . Also, that 39.1 player rebounding rating is tied with Dwight Howard! That's nice to be compared with the defensive player of the year! One other stat that caught my eye was how Love knows how to drawn fouls. In 764 field goal attemps, he drew 118 for a percentage of 15.4% compared to Lee's 12.3%. Looking at players like Durant's 16.2%, Wade's 17.4% or even Pierce's 17.6%, you could say Lee is a smarter and better player per 48 minutes, to give Lee the starting role and not maximizes on Love's game like they did last season having him come off the bench for Jefferson would be dumb! The guy has a lot of upside and shows he can be an excellent role player on team kind of like Noah in Chicago or how Oden was in Portland before the injury!

That's droppin' statistical knowledge for ya!


I'd rather have my man Buddy Love.... Everyone Loves Eddie Murphy!

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