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Friday, July 9, 2010
LeBron's Jersey Showing Some Heat! Loyalty Hurts Part II

I wrote about loyalty in my last blog post in how this LeBron situation compared to KG's – do you leave the place you call home for a ring?

He did that and more, as he announced he's going to South Beach with Wade and Bosh.

Millions of hearts crushed in Cleveland and a bandwagon of fans in Miami. Oh, how the NBA has changed in a day! A city that can list horrible events in one word, the Catch, the Drive, the Fumble, the Move (arguably the worst thing that ever happened in sports), the Single, and now the Decision! A city goes so close to a championship and now is so far! I learned this couldn't be compared to KG's trade in '08, are team by then had already fallen out of contention, it was either sit here and rot or leave and flourish once again! Minnesota did the right thing in trading him, at least he mentioned "everybody in 'Sota!" Yesterday, nite's LeBacle was a horrible PR move but the dude had to set his eye's on new things – Miami it is than!

I only hope he shouts out Cleveland if he get that ring

I guess Cavs fans are trying to update their jerseys by putting a ball of fire on it

P.S. Dan Gilbert is Awesome!

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