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Thursday, July 8, 2010
Serbia Still Lives On!
Again, I know free agency started last week and I'm a little late on reporting what Minnesota is up to but here we go! It's seemed when the clock struck midnight, Minnesota were the most active team out of everyone. Right at 12:01 a.m., Nikola Peković was offered a three years, $13 million. This was a guy in the '08 Draft that was projected to be a top-10 pick and landed to Minnesota in the second round. So we wrapped that up, pretty good, right? Then we start to making rumbles of our most coveted free agent, Rudy Gay! We're talking on the phone with him, he tells us that he'll arrange a visit to Minnesota and see how everything goes. Well, in the afternoon of July 1st, turns out Minnesota was just bait to get a crazy deal from Memphis worth $82 million for five years. Well, it shows a smart thing from Minnesota and I give credit to Kahn for not matching a deal like that because even if we got to be good with him as a second best, it would have turned out to be horrible in the end – kind of like Rashard Lewis in Orlando, he might be the highest paid player in the NBA at some point in the next five years, ouch! God, I can't wait for the new collective bargaining agreement!

Now, our interesting re-signing is that Darko Milicic is going to have another year here in Minnesota. Yay, not really! He signs for four years and $20 million dollarspaid in full my friend! This now means that the departures of Al Jefferson is clearly evident but where to is what the fans are asking? Anyways, Darko brought some good stuff in the three month he played here, defense, average 1.4 blocks per games, 5.5 rpg, 8.3 ppg, pretty good for a backup center and now we'll see what he could do for a full season. He's only 25, so his game might have not settled yet, he has room to grow! I don't look at this as a bad move, I see it as progress to do something special in a little bit and giving a guy a chance who been playing fairly well, maybe not to the mid-level exception but like I said, he has room to grow!

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